Saturday, September 26, 2020

HA Gregory Slewidge murdered - Update

Boudreault and Bernatchez in better days. The Hells Angels Nomads in Ottawa made their comeback in 2018 after violent in-fighting in the summer of 2016. For 20 years the Sherbrooke Hells Angels enjoyed huge profits from drug sales in Ottawa and Sudbury. The Nomads expanded into the Outaouais, Abitibi-Témiscamingue and northern Ontario after arrests in 2009 decimated the Quebec HA. Drug revenue dwindled as the Nomads paid no tax. There would be consequences.

On April 16, 2016 Ontario Nomads vice-president Phil Boudreault was injured in a shooting in Lachute. He is said to be in a wheelchair. In August Martin Bernatchez, president, was shot three times in Sherbrooke. According to cops it was Ontario Nomads who broke club rules. When this happens the club does not hestitate in eliminating the problem.
OPP are investigating the murder of Gregory Slewidge, 39, a member of the Hells Angels in Beckwith Township, Ottawa. Slewidge was found dead in a home at 1864 Scotch Corners Rd. around 10:30 a.m.
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'Freeway' Rick Ross

'Freeway' Ricky Ross rose to power in the 80s as the most notorious crack cocaine dealer in United States history. At the height of his empire he was making $3m per day. His nickname Freeway came from Ross owning properties along Los Angeles' Interstate 110. He sold tons of cocaine in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and elsewhere, and made more than $500m between 1983 and 1984. He was sentenced to life in prison, though the sentence was shortened on appeal.

Ross spent much of his time behind bars studying law. He discovered a legal loophole that would lead to his release in 2009. The appeal found that the three-strikes law had been applied incorrectly and reduced his sentence to 20 years.
Ross was arrested in October 2015 when police discovered $100k in his possession during a traffic stop. Charges were ultimately dropped. Most recently Freeway Rick Ross announced his partnership with a Los Angeles based pot producer. They launched a brand that delivers a "quality, safe, and consistent cannabis experience."

Friday, September 25, 2020

Michael Graham Cudmore found dead in Mexico - No Angel

Michael Graham Cudmore's career began as a founding member of an aggressive Hamilton street gang. It evolved into close ties with the Hells Angels and the Mafia. He was an early member of a street gang known as the North End Crew. NEC became a training ground for the Hamilton HA. The last time he was placed in prison he beat up three inmates before his intake assessment. Cudmore began that sentence in maximum security and finished it in maximum security.
During one of his many prison stints Cudmore met Daniele Ranieri, a ruthless mob enforcer with ties to the Montreal Rizzutos. Cudmore and Ranieri had much in common and hit it off.
Michael Graham Cudmore is one of three men in the killings of mobster Angelo Musitano and Mila Barberi. He was found dead in Mexico at the end of June. Cops say Cudmore went to Mexico with Daniele Carlo Ranieri, head of the Rizzuto crime family's Toronto operations. Ranieri’s body was found in a ditch in Cancun in March 2018.
Ranieri was bound and executed.
Two others are suspected in the killings of Barberi and Musitano. Jabirl Abdalla was committed to trial after a preliminary hearing. Daniel Tomassetti is still wanted for both murders and his arrest warrant remains on file with Interpol. He fled to Mexico in January 2018 and at last report was said to be still alive.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Instafamous Oz Catwoman busted

An Australian Instagram model with sticky fingers and a penchant for posing as Catwoman has been jailed after being arrested for the second time this year for a series of masked crimes. Monique Agostino, 25, was warned by a judge that her life was “going down the toilet.” The former modeling entrepreneur and social media maven began her life of crime about two years ago.
She began by driving teenagers to commit burglaries in Sydney. Agostino was convicted and sentenced to two years in prison for a series of heists and drugs.

Cologne Bandidos boss Aykut Öztuna going to big house for 30 months

Aykut Öztuna, Cologne president of the Bandidos MC was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for illegally carrying a firearm. He was convicted for exchanging gunfire with a rival Hells Angel in January 2019 in downtown Cologne.

North Rhine-Westphalia, the state in which Cologne is also located, is a stronghold of the Bandidos.

Spaniard sentenced to death in Thailand

Artur Segarra, 38, was convicted of kidnapping and killing David Bernat. A Thai court sentenced him to death for the murder of a fellow Spaniard whose body parts were found in Bangkok's main river.
When he arrived at court he held his hand up to show the words "Luke 23:34" written in ink on his palm. The Bible citation is a reference to Jesus's final words on the cross. Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."

While death sentences are still on the statute books in Thailand it is rare for prisoners to be executed. The last execution was in 2009.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

HA Robert Barletta a hitman target

The date is March 30, 2020. Its possible the gunmen didn't recognize Barletta, who was sporting white sneakers, grey pants, a grey long-sleeved shirt and a black baseball cap as he passed the black Audi that had been parked on Ontario Street, just south of Gerard Street, for nearly four hours.

He unlatches the front-yard gate when two armed men spring from the vehicle. The first man gets out of the passenger seat and is holding guns in both hands as he runs toward Barletta. None of the nearly 20 shots fired hit their mark. No one was arrested.
Barletta’s narrow escape shows he has made dangerous enemies. It also raises questions about why cops have been tight-lipped about the incident.

It is said Robert Bartletta has serious problems with rivals in his own group and rivals outside of Hells Angels. Two months ago, police laid more charges against Barletta and seven others, seizing another $24m of assets.

Barletta faces 15 charges including bookmaking, laundering proceeds of crime, fraud over $5,000 and commission of an offence for a criminal organization.
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Kelowna HA Christiansen found dead

Michael “Speedy” Christiansen was found dead on Monday morning (Sept. 21) near Ruby Creek on Highway 7.

Investigators believe a collision occurred sometime over the weekend between Sept. 18 and Sept. 20. Christiansen was one of the founding member of the Kelowna chapter.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Guinea-Bissau: Africa's 'narco-state'

The head of Guinea-Bissau’s migration agency has been arrested for involvement in cocaine trafficking. Colonel Alassana Diallo was taken into custody.

Military officers in Guinea-Bissau have often opposed efforts by the police to crack down on smuggling and have intervened to free traffickers.
The loot seized in Guinea-Bissau's largest ever drug bust last September included more than 20 vehicles, $3m, $90k worth of wine and porridge found in a warehouse, and 1.8 tonnes of cocaine hidden in sacks of rice. Operation Navara culminated in 12 men being arrested. They were sentenced to between 4 and 16 years in prison last month. The US, along with the UN, labelled the former Portuguese colony along the Atlantic Ocean a narco-state a decade ago.
Former navy chief Bubo Na Tchuto is one high-profile official to have been convicted of drug trafficking. Involved in several failed coup attempts, he was designated a "drug kingpin" and was arrested in a sting in 2013. The military has been influential in Guinea-Bissau since independence from Portugal in 1974. It has staged at least nine coups. This has made the country a fertile ground for drug barons.

Braima Seidi Ba has evaded capture.

Ricardo Ariza Monje is thought to have returned to Latin America.
Drug traffickers are entrenched in the country. Newly installed President Embaló replaced the policing chief, but after concerns about the nominee he gave the post to a respected former deputy attorney general, Teresa Alexandrina da Silva. Drugs remain a "pernicious injection" into Guinea-Bissau's domestic politics.

German HA rally to demand freedom

1,000 members and associates of the Hells Angels from across Germany protested in Berlin last week against the government's ban on displaying the group's colours in public.

Protesters rallied on their motorcycles from Biesdorf in East Berlin towards Berlin's Victory Column. At the Brandenburg Gate HA boss Andre Sommer addressed the protesters, dubbing the ban as a serious attack to their fundamental rights of freedom of their association.
Openness is part of a new hellish strategy for the senior rocker boss. "We have been shuting ourselves off from the public for too long," Sommer says.

According to a law passed by the German Federal Parliament in 2017, the Hells Angels are banned from wearing club colours, nor the 'death head' in public.

Monday, September 21, 2020

InstaFamous model Emmy Russ busted for damaging hood of cop car

Emmy Russ's quest to get the perfect Instagram shot left her with more than she bargained for after she posed on a cop car.

She now faces a hefty bill after authorities claimed her photo shoot dented their car. The 21-year-old has more than 160k followers on Instagram.
Hamburg cops also posted on their official Instagram account that they had caught a woman posing for photos on the hood of their car. The post said police had been “amazed” after a resident tipped them off that a “a woman in front of the police station” was “(lolling) on the hood of a patrol car”. Hamburg cops said it was “apparently to take ‘nice photos’” but police later said the “hood was pushed in while posing on the patrol car”.