Wednesday, December 30, 2020

'Cozy' former London Hells Angels clubhouse up for grabs

If you had your heart set on a cozy home with REAL character in London, the house at 549 Grey St. may be gone. With no takers at $299,900 the price was reduced to an uber bargain basement $249,900. It's now appearing the 'investor's dream' found a live one.

The site saw violence arrive on Jan. 12, 2012, during a battle between the Hells Angels and a London street gang. Diamond Ialenti, a high-ranking HA member at the time, and a woman were shot while sitting in a car parked across the street from the clubhouse. It is said neighbors are happy to see the bikers take their partying ways elsewhere.

Ottawa nomad Khosrowkhani sentencing Feb 11

Full patch HA Nomad Joshua Khosrowkhani, 33, who was facing five charges arising from his arrest Aug. 1, 2019, pleaded guilty to cocaine possession for the purpose of trafficking. Khosrowkhani's home returned 119 grams of cocaine that was cut to 10% purity. Cops also found $10,500 in cash.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Ignacio Paez Soto 'El Nacho' whacked

Ignacio Paez Soto, associate of drug cartel kingpin Joaquín 'El Chapo' Guzmán was executed during an attack in Caborca, Sonora. Soto was sitting inside his vehicle with his wife when a group of assassins launched the assault outside a convenience store parking lot. Assassins jumped out of a Jeep Cherokee carrying military rifles and fired before they fled. Paez was shot more than 50 times and was declared dead at the scene.
Paez reportedly oversaw the Sinaloa Cartel's operations throughout the northern state of Sonora since 2002, including turf in the cities of Sásabe, Alta, Pitiquito and Caborca.

The Sinaloa Cartel has been beset by an internal power struggle since El Chapo was captured. El Chapo's three sons, 'Los Chapitos', have fought for control of the organization against a cell created by Rafael Caro Quintero.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Colombia busts massive cocaine lab

A Colombian lab that produced at least $700m of cocaine a year was dismantled by the military. Security forces raided the compound located by the Curay River in Nariño.
The lab averaged production of 16 tons. The military discovered 2,026kg of cocaine that was set to be shipped out. Agents also found 904kg of cocaine paste, which is obtained when cocaine is extracted from the coca leaf. Soldiers on site also found a hydropump, a vacuum, a compressor, eight digital scales, 10 microwave overs, two filtration equipments and at least 360 tags that were used to identify the cocaine packages.

Five members of the Alfonso Cano Occidental Bloc were arrested and another purported associate was shot dead.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Another narco jet crash in Guatemala

A jet transporting at least $16m in cocaine crashed in northern Guatemala, killing the co-pilot. The plane was tracked to Sierra del Lacandón National Park where it crashed. The aircraft was the 37th linked to drug trafficking this year in Guatemala.
342 kilos of cocaine were seized from the wrecked plane. The military arrested the Mexican pilot and two Guatemalan nationals. Authorities found three rifles, three cellphones, a satellite phone, a GPS system and ammunition.
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No Parole for wicked pedophile Shayne Lund

Shayne Lund
Shayne Lund was denied parole in September. He is serving an indeterminate sentence for attacks on 14 females as young as two years old. The 35 charges ranged from arranging sex offences involving children, printing child pornography, bestiality and sexual assault.

Kathryn Thompson, Shayne Lund. He pleaded guilty in 2016. A judge said there will never be a time when it will be safe to release Shayne Lund into the community.

Shayne Lund
After a five-year-old girl fought off Shayne Lund’s sex-crazed advances, he begged his girlfriend to get him younger children who wouldn’t know any better or tell. “I want the two-year-old,” Lund texted Avery Taylor. “I’m fixated ... I want her bad.”

“I’m trying hun,” Taylor responded.

Lund, now 28, formerly from Orillia, has been in custody since his arrest in September 2013. He pleaded guilty to 35 charges, including planning to kidnap, drug and rape children; sexually assaulting children; making child pornography; and bestiality with dogs and horses.
Taylor and another Lund girlfriend, Kathryn Thompson pleaded guilty to their own list of related charges.

In the 233-page statement of facts, text messages between Lund and Taylor show they had ongoing plans to kidnap a younger child after plans to abuse the five-year-old girl failed twice.

“I liked that she saw my (penis) and I liked that she was resistant,” he replies in a text, referring to the five-year-old. “If you want them awake we need younger,” Taylor replied. Lund then describes perverted sex acts he’d perform on a toddler.

Shayne Lund, Avery Taylor
Taylor was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison followed by six years of intensive supervision in the community. Thompson received three years in prison with four years of community supervision.

UK Drug kingpin Thomas Maher

Thomas Maher, 40, conspired to transport £1.5m of cocaine and launder £1m in cash. He was jailed for 15 years.

The Irishman was arrested but never charged with the killing of 39 Vietnamese migrants in a truck trailer. Cops put him under surveillance for seven months until they arrested him a second time.
The Vietnamese had paid £10,000 each to be smuggled into the UK. They were placed on a truck in Europe, driven by Eamonn Harrison, to Zeebrugge, Belgium and put on a ferry. Truck driver Maurice Robinson collected the container from Purfleet, Essex, after it arrived.

Robinson was sent a message saying: “Give them air quickly but don’t let them out.” He drove out of Purfleet port, stopped and opened the doors to find a tomb. Robinson, 26, and Ronan Hughes, 40, who ran a haulage company, admit manslaughter and conspiracy.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

UK Grime rapper Jukkie pulls 9 years for crack

Jukkie, real name Laurent Mondo is off to the big house for 9 years for dealing crack.

Charles 'Lucky' Luciano

Charles "Lucky" Luciano Nov 24, 1897 – Jan 26, 1962
Charles 'Lucky' Luciano was an Italian mobster. Luciano is considered the father of modern organized crime in the US. He was the first official boss of the Genovese crime family. He, along with Meyer Lansky, were key in the development of the National Crime Syndicate.

Meyer Lansky
Prohibition was kind to Luciano and his partners. By 1925 they ran the largest bootlegging operation in New York and grossed $12m per year.

In 1929 luciano was abducted at gunpoint, beaten, stabbed with an ice pick, had his throat slashed and was left for dead. He survived with a droopy eye and a nickname well earned.

In April 1931, Luciano and two other gang members, Albert Anastasia and Bugsy Siegel, were involved in the murder of their leader, Joe Masseria. Six months later, with the help of Meyer Lansky, Luciano arranged the killing of Salvatore Maranzano.

Luciano was now the most important criminal boss in New York. He also joined with Louis Lepke Buchalter, Abe Reles and Albert Anastasia to form what became known as Murder Incorporated ... executioners for hire.

In 1936, Luciano was charged with prostitution and received 30 to 50 years. He maintained control of the syndicate during his incarceration. In return for assisting the allies, Governor Dewey, who was the prosecutor who got Luciano incarcerated, granted commutation of sentence and had Luciano deported to Italy where he resumed his controls over the American syndicate.

Charles "Lucky" Luciano, center, is escorted into court by two detectives on June 18, 1936.

Unlike most of his peers in organized crime, Luciano died of natural causes.
In 1962, he suffered a fatal heart attack in Naples airport. His body was shipped back to the United States and buried in St. John's Cemetery in New York City.

In 1998, Time named Luciano as the "criminal mastermind" among the top 20 most influential builders and titans of the 20th century.

Monday, December 21, 2020

9 years, 6 months for Munich HA 'Khaled B'

Munich's most spectacular rocker process has come to an end after over a year. Hells Angel Khaled B. (40) has to go to prison for nine years, six months. Khaled B. seriously injured his victim Erdinc D. (45) and his brother more than five years ago with a knife attack in the 'Crowns Club' disco.

After three years on the run, the Hells Angel turned himself in 2018.

UK Gangster pulls 12 years for selling gun to youth

A gangland kingpin who masterminded a UK-wide gun running racket has been jailed for 12 years after police caught him selling an antique revolver to a teenager. Aqdas Vasi, 32, was arrested after officers saw him hand over an American-made Defender 89.32 Rimfire weapon to Tyrece Weaver, 19.
Vasi was a member of the Fallowfield 'Mad Dogs' gang.
Cops searched Vasi's Audi Quattro convertible and found a British made Bulldog revolver. Vasi admitted charges of selling a firearm and possessing prohibited weapons. Weaver pulled 5 years youth custody after he admitted possessing a prohibited firearm and ammunition. The teenager claimed he was forced to get the gun by Manchester by Herts-based gangs who force kids as young as 10 into 'county lines' drug trafficking.

The judge wasn't amused. 'It is trite to say that too many lethal weapons are available, carried, distributed or used. They have devastating consequences and are properly described as a scourge on our society.'

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Phuket Thailand - Hells Angels' Paradise

Along with cheap prices and the ability to blend in with other "farangs" - foreigners, Phuket has much to offer.
Night is painted with flashing neon in Phuket. This is a party place - an escape of the everyday. But it is also a haven for criminals. The list is long ... fraudsters, murderers, pedophiles, fugitives on the run, many call Phuket home. Widespread corruption and slow computerization of government records has long made Thailand a safe haven from the long arm of the law.
The HA clubhouse overlooks Patong beach. No photo, no name, says the president of the Nomads. The bikers keep a low profile and need to keep the peace as the largest and strongest gang is always the Thai police. That all changed in 2016 with the murder of high ranking wholesale drug trafficker Wayne Schneider, who was found naked with a broken neck, two meters underground.

"We build playgrounds for orphans" says 'Dennis' when asked if the HA receive money through trafficking, drugs, weapons, prostitution or extortion. In Phuket the bikers wear flip flops and drive mopeds.
Harleys are impractical for short trips through the narrow streets. The HA Nomads celebrated their 18th anniversary in Phuket. They like it here.

Luke Anderson is the latest HA to get sent packing back to Australia from Thailand. He's wanted for drug trafficking. Anderson made headlines in 2016 for bashing a Thai man. The 3 HA bikers avoided consequences by paying restitution.
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