Thursday, January 23, 2020

49ers’ Nick Bosa related to Tony Accardo

49ers’ Nick Bosa’s great-grandfather was notorious Chicago mobster Tony Accardo who worked closely with Al Capone. After Capone’s conviction for tax evasion in 1931, Accardo became a leader in the Chicago operation, a position he maintained for decades. He didn’t get the mob handle 'Joey Batters' for his proficiency at baking muffins. It was mob ruthlessness that earned Accardo his nickname.

In early 1978, Accardo was in California. Robbers broke into his suburban Chicago home and the 71-year-old Accardo seethed for revenge. Within the year, 10 men were dead. “Each was found with his throat cut; one was castrated and disemboweled, his face removed with a blow torch, a punishment imposed, presumably, because he was Italian and should have known better.”
Despite 30 arrests, Accardo never spent a night in jail.
In 1951, Accardo was called to testify before Congress about organized crime. Wearing sunglasses, he invoked the Fifth Amendment 172 times.

He was indicted for tax violations after he listed his occupation as “beer salesman” and tried to write off his Mercedes-Benz. He was eventually acquited.
Accardo died at age 86 of natural causes. He was in power for six decades.