Sunday, January 5, 2020

Asshole Nelson RCMP seize family vehicle

A B.C. woman received an immediate roadside prohibition for being impaired and had the family vehicle impounded for 30 days, even though she was a passenger in the vehicle.

The woman and her husband contacted their sober 22 year-old son to drive them home from a Christmas party. The trouble began when they arrived at a Central Okanagan RCMP police roadblock with the son at the wheel. Because the woman was in the passenger seat, the asshole cop felt there was a risk she might reach over and grab the steering wheel. The mother was forced to take a breath test, which she failed. She then received a 90-day roadside suspension and the family car was impounded.
The cop felt because the husband was sitting in the back seat, he was in the clear from the long arm of the law.

As a result of negative publicity, dopey cops have 'reviewed the file' and the family has been able to retrieve their much needed car. God bless the 'Dudley Do-Right' Nelson RCMP for making us all safer.