Saturday, January 25, 2020

Cornelius Price, other gangsters go to ground

A police source said 'Virtually all of these criminals are now in hiding ...'Cornelius Price was an associate of Keane Mulready-Woods, a teenager who was dismembered and beheaded by a rival gang. It's thought he fled to Rochdale, near Manchester, after it emerged that the boy's severed head was supposed to be dumped on his doorstep as a warning.

The boy's death exposed a two-year battle between rival gangs in the town of Drogheda, 30 miles north of the Irish capital. Garda have responded in force. Mulready-Woods was abducted from the streets of Drogheda on Jan 12 and taken to a home, where he was tortured and murdered. His head was severed, his body dismembered and a sports bag containing some of his limbs dumped on a north Dublin street.
The gangs seem to be taking their cue from South American drug cartels in the level of violence they are prepared to use.
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