Thursday, January 23, 2020

Drug dealer John N. Kapoor faces music - 5½ Years in Prison

U.S. Attorneys asked the court to sentence John N. Kapoor to 15 years in prison and seek more than $113m.

Four other former Insys executives have received less than three years in prison on government recommendations of more than 10 years. Kapoor will become the highest-ranking pharmaceutical executive to be sentenced in a case linked to the opioid crisis. Kapoor was found guilty of racketeering conspiracy in a scheme that involved bribing doctors to prescribe the fentanyl-based painkiller, Subsys.
There were at least 908 deaths in which Subsys is a primary suspect.
Jurors heard from former employees who testified that Insys made a habit of hiring attractive women as representatives to boost sales of the drug. They would entice doctors to prescribe Subsys through an elaborate series of kickbacks via 'speaking engagements'. The scheme included visits to strip clubs, “lavish” dining and entertainment outings, and jobs for relatives and friends of people who prescribed Subsys. Sunrise Lee, a peeler turned pharmaceutical executive, will serve a year in prison for her role in using her sex appeal to bribe doctors.
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