Tuesday, January 28, 2020

El Chapo tunnel master 'Quirino' busted

José Sánchez Villalobos 'Quirino' was indicted by federal court in 2012. He was the brains behind two state-of-the-art tunnels found in November 2010 and 2011. The passageways linked the cities of Tijuana on the Mexican side and San Diego on the U.S. side.

As well as designing and building tunnels, Villalobos was said to have been in charge of deciding who could use them for a fee.
Villalobos stands accused of masterminding a 560-metre tunnel found in Nov 2010. It had its own rail tracks, and connected a warehouse in San Diego to a similar one in Tijuana. It could only be entered in Mexico via a hydraulics-powered steel door, and even had an elevator hidden under the floor of the warehouse. The second tunnel was a similar operation. It was roughly 550 metres long. Tunnels became a huge part of El Chapo’s operation.
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