Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Gangster Shane 'Wheels' Maloney rolls in semi-freedom

Paraplegic gangster Shane Kenneth 'Wheels' Maloney, 42, was granted limited parole after serving more than two years in prison for drug trafficking and a massive stockpile of guns and explosives. Maloney was granted six months of day parole to be served in a halfway house. He is part-way through a 10-year prison sentence that was reduced to less than six years for time served.

Maloney was part of the Wolfpack. He has complained much during his prison stay including back pain, wrist pain, and psychological distress.

Maloney split his criminal career between Montreal and Vancouver.
His weapons cache that was seized by the Sûreté du Québec in Oct 2012 raids netted 1,475 sticks of dynamite, two pounds of C-4 explosives, remote controls, detonators and hundreds of firearms and prohibited gun parts. Maloney said he wasn’t sure how many illegal guns he owned, but said the number was less than 90. He said that society has nothing to fear from him. Maloney has close ties to Montreal's West End Gang and Wolfpack associate Rabih 'Robby' Alkhalil.
Rabih 'Robby' Alkhalil
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