Monday, January 27, 2020

Kelowna's Dale Habib fights weapons, drug charges

Dale Habib, former president of the disbanded Kelowna Hells Angels puppet club the Kingpin Crew, is back in court on six firearms charges and one drug charge. In July 2017, Habib pleaded guilty to assault after a complaint. The victim said he’d been pushed against a wall by his throat and punched in the face by Liquid Zoo staff.
David Joseph Habib.
The Kingpin Crew sold drugs from Kelowna's 'Liquid Zoo' nightclub for many years, including cocaine through major operator Kevin Van Kalkeren. At some point Dale Habib and the Kingpin crew lost the support of the Hells Angels.

David Habib tried to sell the club and building to a numbered company. An investigation revealed that one of the new owners was Hells Angel President Damiano Dipopolo. The Branch refused to transfer the liquor licence and the sale was unwound.