Friday, January 31, 2020

Langford Mayor Stew Young

Langford Mayor Stew Young’s salary will double and councillors’ pay will increase by more than 55% under a new remuneration scheme. The mayor’s annual salary will increase to $75,863 from $37,558 while pay for councillors will increase to $27,410 from $17,661 retroactive to Jan. 1.

Stew Young has been mayor for 25 of the 26 years Langford has existed as a municipality. “I grew up through the shitty times.”

Langford provides subdivision proposals within 30 days and 48-hour building permit approvals.
“I run the city like a business” says Young. There is a “let’s make a deal” quality. Langford eliminated building permit fees for residential construction and offers a 10-year tax holiday for new federal and provincial office space and rental accommodations.

“What some people call red tape, others view as regulations that uphold the public interest,” Isitt notes.
In June, Langford was sued by a provincial watchdog, after allowing a project to go through without an architect. A five-unit residential building was built with only a designer, something the Architectural Institute of B.C says is against the Province’s Architects Act, and can put the public at risk. "And for them to say it’s unsafe if Langford signs off… no I actually adhere to the building code. We have professionals, that’s what we do. [This is] basically a monopoly situation when every development in Langford has to have an architect,” said Young.
“I don’t want to be like everybody else,” Young says. “At the end, the job is to understand what the public wants and get it done.”

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