Saturday, January 25, 2020

Mafia rat Gene Borrello back in business

Gene Borrello was the leader of a violent home-invasion crew that terrorized Queens residents for years. He's back on the streets after getting a 'time served' sentence for helping the feds snag more than 20 Bonanno family cohorts in a series of arsons, murder plots, extortion and home-invasions.

Borrello was lauded by federal prosecutors as a major reason they were able to nail Bonanno captain Vincent Asaro for arson.
Asaro dispatched a crew, including Borrello, to dump gasoline on the driver’s car that cut him off and burn it.
The release of Borrello has outraged residents of Howard Beach. Borrello, 35, has an arrest record that began in 2003 and he had a reputation in Howard Beach as a “menace to society” for more than a decade.