Saturday, June 10, 2023

Queen of Kanesatake Sharon Simon home raided by cops

Sharon Simon was arrested in Project Cleopatra, and was the ringleader of the smuggling plot.
The Queen of Kanesatake Sharon Simon, 65, underwent interrogation by cops from the Sûreté du Québec. Up to 100 SQ cops searched four places on the reservation: Sharon Simon’s main residence, her new casino, her gas station and her “potty shack”. It's said to be about drugs.

In 2018 the Queen of Kanesatake was fined $12k and $35k for contraband tobacco and pot production. She bought 50 months in the pen after pleading guilty to gangsterism, drug trafficking and possession of a prohibited weapon in 2007. In December 2018 HA heavyweight Martin Robert, 44, and Simon's daughter Annie Arbic, 32, were married at Montreal’s Windsor Ballrooms. 300 guests included the top levels of Montreal organized crime.
Simon helped her daughter Annie Arbic launder about $4m between January and June 2006. Simon also helped Serge Bourret, 59, launder $2m in drug money. Bourret was sentenced to a three-year prison term.
Her luxury home was completely destroyed in 2020 in a case of arson.

Sharon Simon