Sunday, January 12, 2020

Robert Barletta bail hearing Monday

A January 5, 2018, fire in Thornbury Ontario prompted police to launch Operation Hobart, an investigation into a huge gambling operation. The now-destroyed luxury home at 363 Sunset Dr. belongs to Salvatrice Barletta, thought to be the mother of Robert Barletta.

Barletta, 50, was one of 28 people charged with a combined 228 offences related to guns, gambling, participating in organized crime and tax evasion. He's been cooling his heels in jail since December 13. He’s jointly charged with Habiba Kajan, 43, for the gun charges, which include possession of a loaded handgun that had the serial number removed.

Habiba Kajan

"There is no trust. There is no brotherhood."
It's being reported that the murder of Hells Angels Michael Deabauta-Schulde, 32, was the result of internal strife, likely over the gambling operation. “This is Hells Angels killing Hells Angels,” said one expert. “Everyone is concerned that someone else is a rat so they’re all looking over their shoulders.”

As part of the raids, investigators seized or restrained seven homes and two vacation properties valued at $8.1m.
Gordon Baird Accounts with more than $1.2m was seized, 18 vehicles, three Harleys, $1.7m in cash, gold bars valued at $320k and luxury watches and jewelry valued at $303k.
Dejan Markovic
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