Thursday, January 9, 2020

Seven basterd Vancouver cops ordered to co-operate in watchdog probe

B.C.’s highest court has ordered seven VPD cops to fully co-operate with an investigation into the shooting death of a robbery suspect in 2016. The B.C. Appeal Court decision is the latest legal fight involving the provincial police watchdog and the seven goofs. The dispute stems from the fatal shooting of a man outside a Canadian Tire store in Vancouver. When the Independent Investigations Office (IIO) asked cops who witnessed what happened to appear for compulsory interviews, the cops banded together and demanded audio, video and other evidence, which the IIO denied.
The cops refused to take part in the process and the IIO went to court. A Supreme Court judge ruled the cops had an obligation to co-operate, which was then challenged at the Court of Appeal. The three-member Appeal Court ruled unanimously that it's the cops legal duty to co-operate under law. One wonders if the chitbags will attempt to evade telling the truth by appealing to the Supreme Court of Canada.
Sgt. David Van Patten was nailed with 3 charges of 'Discredible Conduct' In other news the VPD has been ordered to fire Sgt. David Van Patten. Cst. Nicole Chan took her own life last January following an 'improper' relationship with Van Patten.
Another superior officer, Sgt. Greg McCullough resigned in 2018.