Sunday, January 19, 2020

'Standover' prison scheme of Oz HA revealed

Members of the Hells Angels are terrorizing family members of caged prisoners in Australia's prisons. Reports suggest families are paying up to $190 per week in protection.

The move by the bikie gang is a low level effort even as far as bikie gangs are concerned. It does show that no scheme is below exploitation. There is no shortage of bored HA trapped behind bars capable of carrying out the racket.
40 years ago the club made its greatest business decision. Melbourne founding members Peter Hill and Raymond Hamment flew to California to learn how to manufacture Meth.
While other 1% bikie gangs like The Finks, Mongols, Comancheros and Bandidos have made lurid headlines, the Hells Angels have enjoyed an extended period out of the public eye. Notorious Fink Brent Reker recently became news when he died in the Ravenhall Correctional Centre. Bandidos chapter president Shane De Britt was executed inside his homestead last week.

A week earlier, Nabil Maghnie - an associate of the Comancheros in Melbourne, died in a hail of bullets. Last August, Mongols MC member Rocco Curra was gunned down after being lured to a meeting.

Shane De Britt