Monday, February 10, 2020

CRA phone scam comes crashing down

Police have charged a Punjabi couple from Brampton, Ont., with fraud, money laundering and property offences in connection with a global telemarketing scam. Gurinderpreet Dhaliwal, 37, and Inderpreet Dhaliwal, 36, were arrested on Feb. 12. Cops seized $26k in cash, $114k in jewellery and a money-counting machine from the couple’s home. Operating out of India, the scam targeted Canadians for over 5 years. The CRA scam caused victim losses over $16.8m between 2014 and 2019.
Scammers impersonate officials from the Canada Revenue Agency and insist the recipient owes overdue taxes and must pay immediately, or else face arrest and imprisonment.

Project OCTAVIA, uncovered money mules, or money mule managers, operating in Canada. These mules would be ordered to courier proceeds from the victim to a specific name and address, or drop point, which led investigators to the Dhaliwals.