Friday, February 7, 2020

Danbrook One full of 'squatters'

communications @centurion.caCenturion Property Associates says it's 'unfortunate' that people are still living in Danbrook One, a month after all residents were ordered to leave. The City of Langford revoked the occupancy permit for Danbrook One in Dec, after serious structural issues were found in the design and construction of the 90-unit highrise. On Jan. 16 residents were told to vacate the property immediately. They were offered $1k per suite. "to assist ... with relocation." Some are unhappy with the offer and aren't going.
Without an occupancy permit the landlord can't charge rent, meaning it's a 'rent free' period. If residents fail to leave willingly, they will 'have to be removed' according to Centurion. The timeline for remediation is a long one. The owner expects a new occupancy permit will come no sooner than this fall.

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