Sunday, February 23, 2020

DEA agent José Irizarry nailed for laundering cartel cash

Former DEA agent José Irizarry has been arrested for laundering millions for the cartel he was investigating. Feds say Irizarry was "secretly using his position and his special access to information" to divert millions in drug profits to avoid seizure by the DEA.
The FBI arrested Irizarry and his wife Nathalia Gómez Irizarry at their home near San Juan, Puerto Rico. Before being exposed, Irizarry had been an exemplary agent, winning awards.

When he was an agent in Miami in early 2009, he was entrusted with an undercover money laundering operation using façade companies, accounts in fictitious banks and messaging. Irizarry resigned in January 2018 when his boss in Colombia began to suspect the scheme. It's thought the free spending Irizarry stole some $7m.