Monday, February 3, 2020

Fake ice cream and Hell’s Angels - ASX scam delisted

The company known as LWP Technologies was delisted from the ASX. The company is infamous for an association with the Hells Angels, a graphene battery business that labelled ice-cream machines as scientific equipment, and fake Russian scientists.Full patch Vadim Victor Volkov was charged with money laundering.
The company paid $770k and issued 30m shares to finance production of graphene batteries. It was all bullshit. Funds went to Victor Volkov and his son's "personal benefit".
Lauren Bryant, 27, of the Gold Coast, a bikini model who dated Volkov said she doesn't know how $178,690 came to be in her bank account. She did admit that her former boyfriend Vadim Victor Volkov, 33 would give her 'inch-thick' bundles of cash to deposit in a series of bank accounts.

During Vadim Volkov's four-year relationship with the model more than $1M passed through her bank accounts.

When police raided Volkov's home in August 2015 they found $1m in cash and a variety of guns including two semi-automatic rifles.
Volkov has argued all his assets were legally acquired by gambling or inheritance. The state argues Volkov bought his properties with dirty money. Bryant claims she found out about her ex-boyfriend's connection with the Hells Angels only after their relationship ended. Bryant is now a 'life coach'.