Friday, February 14, 2020

Gennaro Panzuto

Speaking from his maximum security prison cell in northern Italy, Gennaro Panzuto says he enjoyed his time at The Six Arches Caravan Park in the UK. He rented a unit at the caravan park and sent for his wife and children from Naples.

He spent a year and half in the UK before investigators blew his cover and he was extradited back to Italy where he faced a number of murders.
Panzuto was the head of the powerful Pincirillo clan, part of the Camorra Mafia
Neighbours in Catterall though father of 3 Panzuto was involved in the shoe business, but in Naples he is the much feared boss of the Torretta quarter, part of the Camorra mafia. He was involved in a bloody turf war in his native Naples which has seen dozens of deaths.
It is said that in Naples, people are killed almost exclusively for drugs. The clans are fighting for control of the cocaine trade.