Friday, February 28, 2020

Instafamous model Kelly Kay (Green) shows off new boobs

Instafamous model Kelly Kay (Kelly Green) now has a bounce in her step as plastic surgeon Dr Handel gave away 3 breast augmentation surgeries as a promotion.

Kay has taken to social media to show off her new headlights.
27-year-old Instagram model Kelly Kay tried to streak across the field at Super Bowl LIV Sunday. She addressed the incident in a recent social media post. “Do what you want, when you want, life’s too short ..." Kay has more than 315k followers. The post of her arrest got 50k likes. She was charged with misdemeanour trespass and faces up to a year in the slammer. She updated her Instagram, "U.S. fashion model... Featured on NY Post, Daily Mails,, Barstool Sports and many more. You may have seen me on Super Bowl."