Monday, January 27, 2020

Joseph 'The Animal' Barboza

A new film will chronicle Joseph 'The Animal' Barboza, suspected in more than 20 killings in Massachusetts. The Portuguese-American mafioso was a notorious mob hit man for the Patriarca crime family during the 1960s.
By 1966, Barboza was a powerful crime figure in the Boston underworld, a prolific and fearless contract killer.
In June 1967, Barboza turned FBI informant while in prison for murder, and eventually testified against Raymond Patriarca, Sr. before becoming one of the first to enter the Witness Protection Program. Barboza moved to northern California. He was arrested for second-degree murder in 1971 and sent to Folsom Prison. Barboza was paroled in 1975 and changed his name to 'Joseph Donati.'

On Feb 11, 1976, Barboza was hit by four shotgun blasts at close range and killed instantly. Although he was armed with a .38, Barboza never had a chance to draw it.
F. Lee Bailey was quoted as having said Barboza’s death was “no great loss to society.”