Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Kayla Massa - social influencer/fraudster

22-year-old South Jersey YouTuber Kayla Massa is accused of a $1.5m fraud scheme. Cops say she pulled it off by using social media to find victims.

She had a large social media presence with more than 300k Instagram followers. (Her account has been taken down by Instagram.) In one of her videos, Massa tells her followers how to make money selling used clothing. One post reads: “If you’re from South Jersey, have a bank account and trying to make some quick easy money, direct message me.” Once Massa received the bank account information from a victim, she promised them a few hundred dollars.
Massa promoted her fraud through posts on Instagram Stories, featuring stacks of money and screenshots of bank account balances. Massa's scheme involved depositing bogus cheques into her target's bank accounts and withdrawing the money. Investigation began when the US Postal Service learned that 53 blank money orders had been stolen from it's Berlin, New Jersey post office. They led to Massa. She and 9 others have been charged with conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud.