Saturday, February 1, 2020

Narco plane lands on Mexican highway in Quintana Roo - Update

The twin engine plane is a Beechcraft King Air. It landed on a two-lane road in Bacalar.Drug smugglers landed cocaine on a highway in the Caribbean coast state of Quintana Roo.

The crew had ample time to load a van that was filled with 26 bags containing between 30 to 40 kilos of cocaine.
When the firefight was over the general in charge had been hit, his driver killed, and at least two more soldiers wounded.

Two suspects were apprehended nearby. Authorities retrieved some 600 kg (1,320 pounds) of cocaine. Security in Quintana Roo is in short supply of late, as cartels carry out turf wars in areas once safe for tourists.
Mexican troops came under fire from military-grade weapons, including a high-powered .50 caliber sniper rifle.
Nicknamed “El Monstruo” (The Monster), the repurposed dump truck was located in Aguililla.The army on Friday seized an armored “narco-tank” in Michoacán that belonged to the Viagras crime gang.
Police in Guerrero recently found a war tank that belonged to the leader of the Los Rojos crime gang, Santiago “El Carrete” Mazari Hernández.