Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Oz ponzi scammer Ken Grace quizzed on private jets, boob job

Ken Grace, director of Ponzi scheme Goldsky used investors' money to fly his family on a private jet to Sydney, where his stepdaughter had a breast enlargement. The admission came while the lawyer for the liquidators of Goldsky quizzed him about his hedge fund account. Millions moved between the Goldsky fund and Grace's personal bank account in the final months of the company. $3m was deposited into his account from the hedge fund in Sept 2018 prior to the company going into receivership. Grace said he didn't know what happened to the money.
Grace said he had a poor memory due to his abuse of alcohol and the medication he is now taking. He says he was the victim of a cyber crime and accused the liquidators of not trying hard enough to find the missing cash. Grace said he believed 'unsolicited transactions' from the account are to blame.

At least $24m is still unaccounted for since Goldsky's collapse.
The liquidators labelled his analysis as "nonsense".