Saturday, February 29, 2020

Thai death sentence stands for HA Luke Joshua Cook

Thailand has upheld the conviction and death sentence of Australian Luke Joshua Cook, his Thai wife Kanyarat Wediphitak and a Californian man, Tyler Gerard.
The three were arrested in December 2017 for the failed importation of 500kg of meth into Thailand using the yacht 'Jomandy'. The operation was under senior Hells Angels Wayne Rodney Schneider, who was murdered in Thailand. In December 2015, Cook and Gerard were arrested and pleaded guilty to the abduction, death and burial of Schneider. Antonio Bagnato was also arrested, but he denied the charges and was ultimately sentenced to three years.

Thai officials call Cook and his wife con artists and liars, citing the couple’s claim that they never had any dealings or contact with the Hells Angels.
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