Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Iron Order MC

Three people were shot to death and others injured in Youngstown. The location is across the street from the Iron Order MC “Y-Town Outfit.” One of the US's fastest-growing motorcycle clubs, the Iron Order MC is composed largely of military, police officers and prison guards.

It embraces the regalia and traditions of outlaw biker gangs and that provokes clashes with 1% OMGs.
“It’s almost like they are playing dress-up on the weekend and acting out what their perception of an outlaw gang is.” The conflict is real and continuous. In 2016 the Iron Order and the Mongols clashed in a brawl that left a Mongols member dead.

The two groups blamed each other for the seven other people shot, stabbed or beaten.
The club infuriates OMGs by wearing a three-piece patch with a bottom patch bearing the name of a state. The bottom rocker historically belonged to outlaw gangs, but Iron Order never sought their permission to use it and took colors already claimed by other clubs.