Saturday, February 1, 2020

Vincent 'Mad Dog' Coll

At 19 Coll was accused of murder of a speakeasy owner who had refused to sell Schultz booze.Vincent 'Mad Dog' Coll, an Irish immigrant hitman in the US, died on this date on February 8, 1932. Coll came to the attention of established gangster Dutch Schultz. Coll wasn't afraid to do whatever it took. His aggressive and volatile personality made him a man to be feared. He became one of the prohibition eras most feared enforcers.
Coll was found not guilty. Coll turned freelance and robbed the Sheffield Farms dairy without Schultz’s authorization. Coll had made a mistake with a ruthless enemy. The final break with Schultz came in January 1931. Vincent was arrested and Schultz put up the bail money. Coll failed to attend his trial and the money was forfeited. Coll refused to pay back Schultz. On July 28 1931, Coll attempted to kidnap Joey Rao, a Schultz lieutenant. The attempt failed and a gun battle killed a five-year-old. New York's mayor called Coll a 'Mad Dog'.
Coll was hired by Salvatore Maranzano to murder Lucky Luciano for $50,000. On September 10, 1931, Maranzano called Luciano to a meeting at his office. The plan was for Coll to arrive later and kill Luciano during the meeting. Luciano learned of the plot against him. He sent his own men, who killed Maranzano before Coll turned up. The fleeing assassins saw Coll arrive and informed Luciano he was the intended hitman. Coll's fate was sealed.
Hitman Leonard Scarnici sprayed Coll with two bursts of bullets from a submachine gun. Scarnici checked Coll was dead, then calmly replaced the gun under his coat and left. On February 8, Coll entered a phone booth in the London Chemists drug store at 314 W23rd Street and placed a call to Owney Madden.