Sunday, February 23, 2020

"We good, we just need a granny" - Amir 'Kafani' Rashad

Oakland rapper Amir "Kafani" Rashad has been accused of leading a fraud ring that stole millions of dollars from people in California. The 39-year-old is known for his inspiring recovery after being shot and paralyzed in 2013. He is the lead defendant in the federal fraud case. Kafani worked with co-defendants to orchestrate what is described as a "wide-ranging fraudulent loan scam" that started in 2018.

Seven victims were identified. Most said that someone had created fraudulent loans or made purchases in their names.
Some of the evidence came from wiretaps of Rashad’s phone. He discussed stealing an elderly woman’s identity and setting up a fraudulent loan in her name. “We good, we just need a granny.” Rashad said. A month later, Arreola-Martin, 69, impersonated the woman to set up a fraudulent loan.
Rashad responded in a live video on Instagram. He called the accusations “slander” and “bullshit." Rashad was on supervised release after serving a 39-month sentence for a 2015 conviction of conspiring to commit wire fraud.