Tuesday, March 10, 2020

631 coronavirus deaths in Italy - Time to Panic

Italy's health ministry today reported 977 new cases and 168 more deaths, a new record. That's 10,149 cases, of which 631 were fatal. Italy announced a nationwide lock-down.

A report by the Chinese CDC looked at more than 44,000 cases. It showed:
81% develop mild symptoms,
14% develop severe symptoms,
5% become critically ill. Men and women are equally likely to be infected.
The virus infects the tissues and airways of the lungs. Fever, fatigue and a dry cough are common symptoms.

The disease can progress to pneumonia - inflammation of the lungs and the tiny sacs where oxygen moves from the air to the blood. They fill with fluid and eventually organ failure occurs due to lack of oxygen.

Acute respiratory distress syndrome is where the lungs were unable to provide enough oxygen to organs to keep the body alive.