Saturday, March 14, 2020

Amazon shutters Med/Cleaning supplies resellers

Amazon says it has blocked the account of a Vancouver couple who claimed to have resold $100k of cleaning supplies, as well as hundreds of thousands of others who were reselling supplies at huge markups. Kijiji and others are also banning the ads.

Manny Ranga and Violeta Perez were at a Vancouver Costco on Thursday, filling their truck with boxes of Lysol wipes. CTV News Vancouver caught up with the couple. The pair explained how they hit several Costco locations every day in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby, buy up all the Lysol wipes and cleaning liquid on hand, then turn them around for re-sale on their Amazon store Violeta & Sons Trading Ltd.

“Everything we do, we're in the moment.” Perez said. “We're hustlers.”
Ranga, 38, said one six-pack of wipes that goes for $20 at Costco can fetch four times that online. He sold his for $89 under Violeta & Sons Trading Ltd.

Price gouging off the misery of others in time of need is exploitative and grossly unethical.
Ranga said he and his wife have three kids who can’t go to their private school because of the outbreak, so they can’t work and need a way to make money. The couple pays $20k per year for their children's education.