Thursday, March 26, 2020

Bikini model girlfriend and a Rolls-Royce to life in jail - Darren John Mohr

Darren John Mohr, 46, has been found guilty of conspiring to import cocaine into Australia. He was charged over a plot to ship half a tonne of cocaine into Australia in 2016. The happy couple are pictured in designer garb in front of a Rolls Royce just before Mohr got busted. He wears a Hubolt wrapped around his wrist which retails at around $17k while the little woman wore a diamond-encrusted Rolex believed to be worth more than $45k.
Mohr claimed innocence and ignorance while he was unaware of the real reason for the boat's voyage.
Eleven jurors deliberated for more than a day before returning a verdict. Since the bust, others have pleaded guilty to the plot and are currently serving long prison sentences. The two lovebirds split about 3 months after the bust. Mohr bragged about his high living lifestyle on social media. He claimed to be unemployed in court.