Tuesday, March 10, 2020

NL Gangsters looking at long time

Steven Francis Noseworthy and Jonathan Brandon Mahon face copious time.
Thomas Scott Brown, 31, pleaded guilty and faces time in June at sentencing. Brown was arrested with Nicklaus James Travis, 30, and Jonathan Brandon Mahon, 28, as part of Project Broken, an RCMP organized crime investigation that began in May 2017. It led to the largest single police seizure of illicit cash in the province’s history: more than $840k.

6kg of cocaine; firearms; knives; five vehicles, including a Hummer and a Mercedes Benz; 15 phones; jewelry and designer clothing was seized.
The value of the seizure was $1.4m. The three men were arrested in Oct 2018, while two others were charged a month later: Charlotte Louise Toomey, 30, and Michael Douglas Smith, 29. Smith was in a Quebec prison serving a sentence for his role in another busted drug operation. Operation Tailwind saw a seizure of 10 kg of cocaine and $276k in 2016.