Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Carpoffs Ponzi Scheme - DC Solar

Jeff Carpoff, 49, and Paulette Carpoff, 46, founders of DC Solar a solar panel Ponzi scheme pleaded guilty to wire fraud and money laundering. They face 15 years in prison for fraud. Their scam involved making and leasing portable solar-powered lighting and communications towers. The Carpoffs attracted billions of investments from financiers with promises of federal investment tax credits. Although DC claimed to have built 17k solar systems, less than 6k existed. They sold the same units to new buyers repeatedly.
The couple enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle. Investigators turned up cars, jets, real estate and jewels. They splurged more than $40m on a Las Vegas mansion, condos in Lake Tahoe, a home in Scottsdale, and dozens of other properties since 2011.
One of their biggest marks was Warren Buffett. An auction of the Carpoffs’ collection of more than 140 cars fetched $8.3m. A U.S. district judge recently ordered the forfeiture of $3.9m in private jet shares bringing the total court-ordered forfeiture to more than $54m.

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