Sunday, April 26, 2020

'City of Lougheed' - By Mexicans for Gringos

The 'City of Lougheed' is a large $1.2b project at Lougheed Mall in Burnaby. Developer is Shape Properties and contractor is ITC. So whats my problem? I walked by the project on April 24th (along North Road) and witnessed a large crew (20) of form labourers. ALL spoke Spanish. ALL.
doug.mcfarlane@itc-group.comDoug MacFarlane is the President and CEO of ITC Construction Group. The 'City of Lougheed' will have 23+ high rise towers and over 300 stores.
NOT photos of 'City of Lougheed' workers. Today, April 27 around 11:00a I witnessed 5 young female traffic flaggers on duty around the site. All could have been Spanish. I passed two young (under 30) women and they were speaking Spanish to each other.

Brad Stokes, longtime chief retard at Shape Properties not only can't find male unskilled construction labour in Canada, but he can't possibly find female unskilled labour either?

Sir, from the heart, fuk you.

Brad Stokes - COO Shape Properties since Oct 2005.