Monday, April 6, 2020

HA henchman Boucher-Savard pulls 4 years

Charles-Olivier Boucher-Savard, 31, was charged with attempted murder after a home invasion of Natale Luppino in 2018, an influential member of the Ontario mafia. Boucher-Savard stabbed Luppino's nephew, Giuseppe Capobianco, four times before the weapon broke. Injured, Capobianco managed to get out of the residence and call police.

Boucher-Savard pleaded guilty to one count of assault with bodily harm. He has 26 months to serve. In 2014 Boucher-Savard was arrested with henchmen of the Quebec Hells Angels and found guilty of drug trafficking.
Natale Luppino and brother Rocco are influential members of the Luppino-Violi clan in Ontario. Rocco's son Cece Luppino was murdered in January 2019. Nobody has been arrested.

Sources say a conflict over the control of sports betting operations could be the backdrop for many of the attacks.