Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Mafia rat Gene Borrello update

Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn want a judge to toss Borrello, 38, in prison for three years. Foul-mouthed mafia rat Gene Borello was busted after unleashing a torrent of vulgar and violent threats against his ex-girlfriend. “The minute you call the cops on me … I’ll blow your husband’s head right off,” Borrello said. His past includes convictions for multiple shootings, home invasions in which people were tied up, arsons, beatings, and multple weapons offensed. His latest stalking and burglary arrests followed that.
Mob rat Gene Borrello got out of the can in 2021.
Gene Borrello squealed on over 20 Bonnano mobsters, including Vincent Asaro, the 85-year-old “Goodfellas” mob boss who beat the rap in the 1978 Lufthansa case.
Borrello, the nephew of Gambino gangster Anthony Ruggiano, says he was an underworld prodigy. “Before you know it, I was doing collections, assaults, shootings, robberies, and I just escalated to a full-time mob guy.”

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