Saturday, April 18, 2020

Samir Chowieri - Canada's been good

Cops and CRA have targeted Samir Chowieri multiple times on suspicion of money laundering.Samir Chowieri is president of the group that owns the CHSLD Herron (31 have died) along with 6 other retirement homes in Quebec, all of which are embroiled in Covid-19. He was convicted in the 1980s of conspiracy for drug trafficking and fraud.

In 2012 Chowieri was implicated by wiretaps recorded by police during Project Colisée, an operation that decimated the Montreal mafia.
Place Vincent-Massey. The federal government leases 98.9% of the building. A numbered company ended up with Place Vincent-Massey after a complicated deal for $1 in July 2006. The seller was Entreprises Duroc Inc., owned by Guy Marc-Aurèle, a friend and fixer for Vito Rizzuto.

Marc-Aurèle acted as a key front man for Rizzuto, his son, and murdered developer Tony Magi.

Tony Magi - murdered in 2019.
37 years after his immigration to Canada "with $2,000 in his pocket" Samir Chowieri and the Katasa Group owns residential properties in Ottawa, Montreal and Sept-Îles, as well as two commercial buildings in Gatineau.

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