Thursday, May 21, 2020

Toronto Mafia boss Jimmy DeMaria out and about

Vincenzo "Jimmy" DeMaria has won his freedom but with conditions. Among them he is banned from communicating with two brothers: Angelo Figliomeni and Cosimo Figliomeni. Authorities in Italy deem them all Mafia fugitives.

Angelo Figliomeni was arrested last year in Project Sindacato, a large anti-Mafia probe. Two men from Italy who are his cousins are also verbotten: Vincenzo Muià and Giuseppe Gregaraci. The two visited Canada last year to discuss mob business and met with several men who then visited DeMaria while he was in prison.

Angelo Figliomeni

Vincenzo Muià
DeMaria was arrested before he took a step out of prison. After winning parole due to Covid-19 and before he could leave Collins Bay prison, he was re-arrested by CBSA officers. They intend to deport him back to Italy, which he left as a child.

With money no object, DeMaria has waged a 35-year war of fighting authorities in courts and tribunals, often winning. DeMaria is now in a 14-day quarantine, as is the pandemic protocol for prisoner transfers.

“You remain a high interest to policing authorities,” the parole board stated with no small measure of accuracy.
When one speaks of the ’Ndrangheta in Canada, DeMaria's name invariably appears.
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