Saturday, May 14, 2022

Fentanyl dealer Leslie John McCulloch parole REVOKED - update

Leslie John McCulloch has successfully appealed the loss of his parole, but he remains behind bars. A new review of the revoking of McCulloch's day parole will occur. Last fall, McCulloch was released from jail to a halfway house in the Lower Mainland on day parole. The Parole Board officially revoked that parole. McCulloch blamed his ex for “sabotaging” him.
McCulloch had been granted parole after only 2 years into his sentence. Sentence was eight years, one month and 28 days for drug production and trafficking in July of 2019. He remained behind bars after his second tearful request for early parole was denied. In it's decision, the Parole Board screwed McCulloch up. The asthmatic is actually safer from COVID-19 inside Abbotsford's Matsqui Institution, as there are no known active cases of the virus at the prison.
Leslie John McCulloch will remain in jail where he belongs, in spite of his many large fears of COVID-19. McCulloch was busted making acetylfentanyl pills. Acetylfentanyl is an analogue of fentanyl. McCulloch was on parole for cocaine trafficking when he was arrested in 2016.

The Parole Board labelled McCulloch a “middleman who transported drugs for the Hells Angels” in 2013. The fate of his girlfriend, Rebekka Rae White is unknown. McCulloch ran away from a plea deal for her role in the operation.

He taunted cops while on the run.
One year into an eight-year sentence for drugs, Leslie John McCulloch has accused Canada's attorney general of acting too slowly to hear his application for 'exceptional parole'. McCulloch was sentenced in Jan 2019 after skipping bail on charges of running a fentanyl drug lab while he was on parole for peddling cocaine. McCulloch has long standing ties with the HA in Kelowna.
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