Saturday, May 23, 2020

Gang leader Gregory Woolley denied parole

Gregory Picasso Woolley, 48, was denied parole recently as he serves a three-year prison term for drug trafficking, conspiracy to traffic in drugs and gangsterism. Woolley is described as a key link between the Hells Angels, Mafia and street gangs in Montreal.

In 2005 he was serving a sentence at a penitentiary in Ste-Anne-des Plaines where he forged a relationship with mob boss Vito Rizzuto. Woolley helped the Rizzuto organization survive challenges it faced by forging an alliance with the Hells Angels.
Woolley's overall sentence was 96 months.
A secretly recorded conversation between Woolley, Rizzuto’s son Leonardo and Stefano Sollecito, in August 2015 revealed that the two Montreal Mafia leaders considered Woolley to be equal.

The board ordered that Woolley be required to reside at a halfway house for the last year of his sentence. He will automatically qualify for statutory release near the end of this year when he reaches the two-third mark of his sentence.