Friday, May 15, 2020

Jack Cewe Construction Ltd. - Kirsten Mide-Wilson - Update II

Ms. Kirsten Wilson has repeatedly billed herself as 'one of the few women in construction.' That is true but SHOULD it be so? She has earned nothing, built nothing, and appears to be running Cewe Construction into the ground. Repeated high risk violations of WorkSafe laws suggests she belongs in a different business, one less dangerous to her employees.

In late 2018 Jack Cewe Construction Ltd. was fined $65,712 for health and safety violations. A fine of that magnitude says a great deal.
WorkSafeBC determined that the firm failed to undertake excavation work according to the requirements of the utility service owner, and failed to ensure machinery was kept the minimum approach distance from exposed electrical conductors. These were both repeated and high-risk violations. Jack Cewe has serious mismanagement issues. Perhaps Ms. Wilson figures rules are for others.
Lets put them together for Kirsten Mide-Wilson (, third generation owner of Jack Cewe Construction Ltd., an established road contractor in the lower mainland. What's her claim to fame?
Brilliance in business doesn't top the list. She figured she was too smart to pay an hourly fee and would instead get a lawyer to act for 20% of the winnings in her fight for a $100m inheritance from her grandfather, Jack Cewe. He left the bulk of his estate to his mistress, decidedly not his granddaughter.

Mide-Wilson ended up with a bill for $17m, not the $ 2.5m the fight should have cost. She adamantly refused to pay. That bill was eventually reduced to $5m.
Take a bow Ms. Kirsten Wilson, you are a too rich, too greedy terd. It's called keeping your word, and in the world of men and construction it's likely the main reason for Jack Cewe's success. It also explains why he didn't want to give a nickle to his unethical, deadbeat granddaughter.