Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Bulgarian PM Borissov appearing the Gangster - Kompromat

Tzvetan TzvetanovBorissov responded to recent photos ... “I have a handgun and I don’t part with it. From today, I will sleep with the gun,” The PM said that the money was brought in for the photos, or the images were doctored. Borissov did not dispute the veracity of the photo of him sleeping, but he said everything else was a set-up staged by his political opponents. “The KGB textbooks say that when you create compromising material (kompromat), it must be such that it inspires disgust ... All that was missing was a little boy next to me.” Borissov said. 'Kompromat' is a Russian term meaning “compromising material,” collected for the purpose of blackmail.
Asked who was behind the kompromats, Borissov had answers. He named his former number two, Tzvetan Tzvetanov, the country’s president, Rumen Radev, the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party, and the leaders of two new political parties.
Boyko Borissov’s third term as Bulgaria’s prime minister has been marked by constant scandals, but none compare to the latest - photos showing Borissov with large stacks of cash and a Glock 9mm. Media received anonymous photographs of Borissov sleeping in his bedroom next to a handgun and a drawer full of €500 bills and gold.
Borissov confirmed their authenticity. Borissov has built his image of an all powerful strongman who controls everyone in the country.
The attack on Borissov might have come from fugitive gambling mogul Vassil Bozhkov, dubbed Cherepa (The Skull). Hiding in the UAE after being charged on 18 counts in Bulgaria, he previously initiated an attack against Borissov, claiming he had blackmailed him.