Saturday, April 10, 2021

Claude Gauthier pulls 9 years

It's all over for HA Claude Gauthier and he is off to the big house to serve a 9 year sentence. The jargon used in conversations by Gauthier, Pascal Facchino, Todd Bissett and Denis Savoie. "I'm paying him 51-52." Means he pays $51k to $52k for a kilogram of cocaine. “two packs and 60 pucks a month”. Means that they drain (sell) 2 kg and 60 ounces per month. Puck: ounce of cocaine.
A blow came when some wiretap evidence was accepted into evidence.Claude Gauthier has had two setbacks in his quest to prove his innocence. All his HA gear is tainted and gonzo. Far worse, all his recorded conversations will be used against him. Co-accused HA Pascal Facchino, who plead guilty, visited Gauthier 20 times during the investigation. Some of the videos show suspects counting wads of cash.

In Nov, 2018, Claude Gauthier discovered a police camera at his home.
Claude Gauthier, a Hells Angels from Trois-Rivières is accused of gangsterism, conspiracy and trafficking in cocaine. He pleaded not guilty and was the last man standing.
In the fall of 2018 traffickers linked to the HA wanted to sell at least 2.5 kg per month in the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu region. In order to do this they needed to get dealers to buy their product and they wanted all the cocaine cut to the same purity. Hells Angels Pascal Facchino and Todd Bissett were recorded. "If you can bring me $8,000 for the cuts, bring me $8,000.""If you can bring me $10,000, bring me $10,000” said Facchino, referring to the monthly tax paid to the Hells Angels for the territory.
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