Saturday, June 20, 2020

Daniel 'Dirty Danny' Mongelli plays Covid-19 card

Bonanno family associate Louis Tuzzio was whacked by fellow Bonannos in an intra-family hit in 1990. Daniel 'Dirty Danny' Mongelli was an acting captain of the Bonannos and part of the conspiracy to murder Tuzzio.

Mongelli, now 54, recently underwent radiation treatment for prostate cancer. He applied for compassionate release based on his weakened immune system and the threat of contracting the coronavirus behind bars.
Mongelli lured Tuzzio to his death by leading him to believe he was going to a meeting where he might become made. “I was there when Louis Tuzzio was murdered and I knew he was going to be murdered,” said Mongelli when he pleaded guilty. Mongelli served as lookout for the Brooklyn hit.

Acting Bonanno boss Anthony Spero ordered Tuzzio killed to appease John Gotti. He died in 2008.