Thursday, July 30, 2020

Finland Hells Angels nailed with 100kg of meth, guns, explosives = 11 years

Cops say two Finnish men attempted to import 96kg of amphetamines into Finland. Sami Aulis Niskanen was convicted of two narcotics offences, an explosive offence, a firearms offence and possession of a weapon. He is a full patch HA. Cops also seized 9kg of hash, 38kg of explosives and a "significant number of firearms, firearm parts and ammunition."
Niskanen is off to jail for 11 years. Police in Finland called their investigation an "extensive effort" into meth smuggling by Hells Angels to the UK, Finland and other countries.

Several others in the Netherlands are suspected, including HA or members of the club's number one puppet club, the Red Devils.