Tuesday, August 23, 2022

HA Quebec money man Richard Felx FINALLY off to big house

First convicted in 2009, Richard Felx, 64, will be reporting to jail this week. Going all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, it was ruled Quebec’s highest court erred, and that the original trial judge was right to dismiss the request for a stay of proceedings.
In his last scam in the summer of 2017, career criminal Richard Felx used a fraud to obtain financing to buy new vehicles from various dealers in Montreal. Felx acquired nine vehicles under his name or through a numbered company. He pleaded guilty to fraud, concealment and breach of commitment. He earned 69 months' imprisonment and a fine of $10k. Felx was convicted in 2016 of gangsterism, conspiracy and money laundering for work with Hells Angels Normand "Casper" Ouimet, Alain Durand and Martin Robert to launder money. Some were on the run from the SharQc operation of 2009.
Normand "Casper" Ouimet
A former notary caught laundering dirty money from Quebec's Hells Angels in tax havens faces 15 new charges. Richard Felx was nailed at the courthouse by the Sûreté du Québec. He was appearing for another fraud involving vehicle leases exceeding $500k. In July 2016 the recidivist was sentenced to 72 months for gangsterism, conspiracy and money laundering as a result of Operation Diligence, the infiltration of bikers into the construction industry. He spent only a month in jail before appealing.
In late 2017, Felx was also sentenced to 40 additional months in jail and a $633k fine on another fraud. He stole $1.2m from 55 small investors. Yet again Felx is appealing.