Thursday, June 11, 2020

B.C. Hells Angels clubhouses not forfeited to state

After an eight-year legal battle, B.C.'s civil forfeiture office has failed in seizing the Kelowna Hells Angels clubhouse. The office sought to seize Hells Angel clubhouses in Kelowna, Vancouver and Nanaimo.

The clubhouse in Kelowna has been on the RCMP’s radar for years.
The clubhouse at 871 Ellis Street has been a target of the civil forfeiture office since 2012 with proceedings against registered owner Richard Goldammer.
In 2012, police conducted a large cocaine smuggling investigation, resulting in the incarceration of the club’s vice president David Giles, who later died in prison.

Long time Kelowna chapter president is Damiano Dipopolo
The Hells Angels clubhouse in Nanaimo was seized in 2007.The judge said the state had not provided enough evidence that the Hells Angels were an international criminal network.

He also struck down part of the Civil Forfeiture Act that allows for property to be seized based on its possible future use for unlawful activity, saying the provision fell outside of provincial jurisdiction.
East End Hells Angels clubhouse at 3598 East Georgia Street

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