Thursday, July 16, 2020

India's most famous gangsters

Dawood Ibrahim was born in 1955 to a police constable in Mumbai.The murder of 8 cops by Vikas Dubey and his henchmen has turned the spotlight on India's gangster culture. Murder, corruption and extortion are their way of life.

Dawood Ibrahim formed a clan and began engaging in smuggling, robbery, fraud and other crimes. By the late 1970's, Ibrahim had graduated to extortion, money laundering, gold smuggling, arms and drug trafficking.
The dreaded D-Company is a major crime syndicate and believed to have thousands operating across multiple continents.
Chotta Rajan started his career as a ticket scalper and thief. He later joined Rajan Mahadev Nair's (Bada Rajan) gang. Following the death of his mentor in 1983, Chotta Rajan took over Nair's gang. Ibrahim attempted to assassinate Chotta Rajan multiple times. Rajan is currently serving a life sentence at Tihar Jail in Delhi.

Haji Mastan developed an underworld empire that ruled for two decades between 1960 and 1980. Known for his cunning, Mastan only saw the inside of a prison cell briefly once. In 1994, at the age of 68, Mastan died of a heart attack.