Thursday, July 2, 2020

Kelowna RCMP Const. Siggy Pietrzak in the pig pen

Tyler Russell was on the receiving end of at least 10 punches from Const. Siggy Pietrzak while he was held by two other cops. A notice of civil claim outlines six causes of action against Siggy 'Piggy' Pietrzak, the B.C. Minister of Justice and AG of Canada.
The cops say ... “During the arrest, the man actively resisted and allegedly turned combative toward the RCMP officers, who requested immediate backup.” It turns out it wasn't Pietrzak's first complaint and it was his sister who ratted him out when the video surfaced. "My brother is the one that flew out of the vehicle and started throwing punches," she said in an email. "That’s who my brother is."

The Kelowna RCMP has another public relations issue with Cpl. Lacy Browning stepping on student Mona Wang's head.