Thursday, April 1, 2021

Outlaws boss Bruce 'Monster' Sartwell pleads guilty - 27 months in slammer

Bruce 'Monster' Sartwell, 48, entered a guilty plea in Boston to a sole count of possession of an unregistered firearm. According to cops the Outlaws were locked in a “violent feud” with the Hells Angels.

Sartwell is a convicted felon with an arrest record dating back to 1987.
Sartwell is barred from possessing firearms.
A search of Sartwell’s home resulted in the recovery of an AR-15 style ‘ghost gun’ — a firearm without a serial number. Sartwell's lawyers said “he is not a ‘serious’ risk of flight or a danger to the community simply because he happens to be the Regional President of the Outlaws and or goes by the nickname ‘Monster.’ Gun making tools were also seized.